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Hair Removal Cream:


Rangapori hair removal cream is specially developed with combination of aloe vera & moisturizing ingredients to provide an effective hair removal system. It is effective & gentle on your skin leaving. Your skin, smoothes & glowing.

Enhance aloe vera & rose extract to act as a protective layer on the skin & helps to replenish moisture. Keeps your skin hydrate & gives it a maximum care.



Aqua, stearic acid, Cetyl alcohol, thioglycolic acid, paraffinum liquidum, calcium hydroxide, sodium hydroxide, propylene glycol, sodium silicate, titanium dioxide, aloe vera & Lemon extract, perfume.


Direction to use:

Gently apply cream on to the skin spatula spreading uniformly to fully cover the hair. Leave the cream onto the skin for 4 minutes.

After 5 minutes, wipe a small area with spatula to list. If hair comes away easily then removes rest of the cream with spatula or soft cotton. If needed wait for another few minutes, but more than 10 minutes.

Rinse skin thoroughly with water. Do not rub or use soap. Pat dry with talcum powder, if so desired.


**Skin sensitivity test:

Take the cream & apply onto your 5cm of skin of inner arm & follow direction for use. If redness, itching, irritation occurs, your skin may be allergic & must nor use the product.




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